After completing your coursework at THP, you can launch a successful career in a little as 6 weeks! We would prefer that you select another program that is more inclusive, but, if you need to get into the job market faster, you can do it in 6 weeks.

No, we are a private institution. While we have strongly considered getting accredited or “authorized” at this time we have chosen to keep tuitions low and remain a private institution.

Staying private also allows us the flexibility to change our programs quickly and stay up to date with an ever-changing healthcare industry, without having the bureaucracy of an accreditation commission.

Our formula for success is simple: small classrooms equal more attention to our students’ needs.

Class sizes average 10-20 students, which means that you’ll have more individual attention from your instructor and your classmates.

Yes, however, not all programs are offered in the evenings and only select classes are offered based solely on student interest.

If there are 6-8 students interested in taking the same evening class, we will accommodate those students.

Yes. THP measures its success by the number of students we assist in placing in a new healthcare career!

THP, will proactively reach out to you to identify potential employment opportunities in the healthcare field and assist you with resume writing, interviewing and professional development.

Yes, better yet we want to invite you to sit in on one of our classes. As a guest in our classroom, you will see exactly how classes are run, so you can decide if it’s for you.

How does that sound? For more information about classroom tours, contact the school at 404 400-2413.

“TV” schools evaluate their success on the number of students that they enroll. These enrollments mean BIG BUCKS for the school. THP is different.

We measure our success by the number of students we assist in placing in a new healthcare career! We truly want to change lives, NOT add to our bottom-line.

Yes, THP has relationships with alternate no credit check funding sources to help you pay for your education.

When you’re really ready to change your life, we will help you find the right source to pay for your education.

Need More Information? Have Questions?

Give Us a Call at 404 400-2413